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No matter the challenge, we look at everything and investigate witnesses as well as all other aspects of your case. We represented hundreds of cases of all levels in different state and federal courts.

We have been fighting for the rights of individuals (adults & juveniles) and companies in different New York courts well for over a decade. We are one of the top most dedicated to representing clients in NY on every legal criminal angle.
With pride on our successful representation of our clients, we strive to obtain the best possible results under difficult circumstances.

Having a good portion of our clientele come from recommendations of previous clients we like to keep a close term relationship with our clients to continue helping those in need of our services.
Dedicated in working efficiently on our clients’ behalf we provide personalized services with aggressive fighting to protect their rights and interests at the court of law.

About Our Lawyer

David D. Strachan, Jr. has practiced criminal law for over one decade handling various types of criminal cases such as drugs, shoplifting, theft, driving while intoxicated/impaired (dwi), rape, attempted murder, violent assaults, hate crimes, financial crimes, etc. As a Harvard Law School graduate, Mr. Strachan is a compassionate and shrewd advocate willing to negotiate the best possible disposition for his clients including -- but not limited to -- a dismissal, program, probation, minimal sentence or a full acquittal before a judge or jury.

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Prior success does not guarantee future outcomes. But we are here to give it my 110% every time.

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